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Visiting The Aldo Leopold Foundation







The following contains pictures of my adventures at the Aldo Leopold Foundation on April 2, 2005. 

It is one thing to read Leopold's A Sand County Almanac, but quite another to experience this beautiful world!

To learn more about Aldo Leopold, visit The Aldo Leopold Foundation.

To learn more about the Sand County Almanac, visit Almanac.

Arriving at the Leopold Land; before the tour. Another picture of the good land before the tour. ...and one more! This Garlic Mustard is an exotic which interferes with the well-being of the native species.
This demonstrates the sandy soil, which in part why the owner before Leopold was an unsuccessful farmer. "Tombstone" for the Good Oak.  The death and sawing of the good oak is a spiritually and ethically significant event in his book. Closer view of the tombstone.

The engraved "Rest! cries the chief sawyer..." is a phrase sited several times while sawing the tree (and contemplating its historical significance).

Sand hill perhaps formed by a glacier.
These pine trees grew too high for the oaks to compete, causing their unintentional demise. The tree-tops of the same pines. This oak tree was killed by lightning. From time to time, members of UW visit to check snake boards such as this for analytical purposes.
Sometimes when lightning strikes a tree, the tree is instantly super-heated and explodes.  These two pieces of wood are the remains of such a case. A meadow which perhaps provided fruit. Benches outside of Leopold's shack. A water pump outside of Leopold's shack.
The fireplace inside Leopold's shack.  Due to smoke re-entering the shack, the chimney was rebuilt higher multiple times. A broader view of the same area. A saw in Leopold's shack; perhaps the same saw that cut the Good Oak. The beds where Leopold and his wife slept.  A very small area!
A fireplace near Leopold's shack. A closer view of the same fireplace. A broad view of Leopold's shack. A picture of Leopold's shack including our tour group.


Additional pictures demonstrating the beauty of

the Leopold land.


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