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Keeping a dream diary is an excellent way to train yourself to remember your dreams in detail. If you want to lucid dream, then you need to remember your dreams. Otherwise, you could have a lucid dream and not remember it!

October 22, 1996: First dream of the night, second day of my first dream diary.

The clothing at school became a lot more strict. 

That's it! That's all I could remember! But the Dream Diary, as you shall see, greatly enhanced my memory.

November 11, 1996: Third dream of the night, three weeks into first dream diary.

Some friend and I drove to a gigantic island. There was a beautiful white horse running freely around the island. It was strong, magnificent. I had a new sword, my first sward. It was a fine sword, it was chrome and shined so much it sometimes hurt my eyes. At first I chased the horse for fun. But later I became more serious. It became my one goal to slay the horse. I chased it for hours and hours on end. Eventually, my dog Shay helped me.

After a while, the horse and my dog started to slow down. I was as energetic as ever. I got several good slashes on the horse. After about the forth slash, my dog was able to tackle the beast. And he attacked ferociously. I called him off. Eric lifted the horse by its hind legs so its nose was pointed to the ground. I brought back the sword to behind my shoulders ready to slash at the horse. I hesitated. Was this murder?

Believing that it is not a sin to kill for food, I sliced its throat. I sliced twice. Eric dropped its feet. The horse fell, motionless. Then the horse rose! It was the body of a horse in the shape of a man. The beast had a sword. His eyes glowed red with hate. He lunged at Eric ready to kill him with the sword. Eric was petrified. I plunged my sword into the back of the beast. The beast fell before it got to Eric. The beast lived no longer. We had a feast with the meat of this creature.

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