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Does the world exist as it appears?  

Does this page exist as it appears?


Hempel's Ravens

Ship of Theseus

1=0 & 1=2

Logical Paradoxes

Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions

Try and Find the Black Dot!

Try to find the dot!



Do you see a couple or a skull?

Skull or Couple?





No Sex





Impossible Triangle

Impossible triange





Duck (left) or Rabbit (right)?





Are these two verticle line segments the same lengths?

Line Length

Yes, they are.





Impossible Trident

Impossible Trident





Impossible Crate

Impossible Crate





Read Carefully

Did you catch the error? Most people don't at first!





The Zöllner Illusion

Are these lines parallel.

Zollner Illusion

Yes, they are!


The Famous "Face on Mars"

Photo taken by Viking 1 in 1976.
Is it really a face or just an illusion?

Face on Mars

Here's the most recent picture that has been
taken of the same rock formation. Doesn't really
look like a face anymore, does it?

Just some Dirt



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